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Excellent earning for the affiliates

Working and earning with china hotels reservation is easy, because it allows an advantageous prices in 1600 hotels in china and is one of the relevant site leader to welcome tourist in china. Our program of affiliation agrees to realize excellent earnings supplied immediately to an affiliate a commission of 2,5%upon a received reservation thanking for it collaboration. This percentage will be able to be increased if the volume of visitors (and the result to the number of reservations) received from the affiliates will be raised.

More information on your site

Across, other than? better system of reservation in chinese hotels, you can offer your visitors a lot of informations regarding to china's tourist spots, details and laws about ※doing business in china§ and informations regarding to all ?the chinese fairs.

The engagement of the affiliate

The only engagement of the affiliate is to introduce in its site links and banners that sends to the homepage of our site Thru affiliate code, it will be much more simple to know from wich affiliate come the visitors who book hotels using our reservation system.

Your charge and payments

In the end of every month, we will send thru email to all affiliates an report and lists that containts every reservation and the due commissions. After 15 days? the due amount must be payed from thru banking money transfer. The only condition,is that the minimal amount payed must be equal to 100Euro.

How can you be an affiliate

To become an affiliate. it is sufficient complete and compile the form. In a few days, after examining your site, we will send a letter of confirmation thru email: from that moment your affiliation becomes operative!.

Affiliate Registration form >>

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